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Pan American Tool Cleco Pliers

by Pan American Tool
Pan American Tool Cleco Pliers
Part #:20-108
Manufacturer:Pan American Tool Corporation (Cage: 0PFP1)
Availability:Ready to Ship in 15 Business Days
Product Description
For use with all spring loaded fasteners and clamps.
Product Features
  • Installs Cleco-LocŪ C, CC, CL & CHD Fasteners.
  • Installs MonogramŪ M,MM, ML, MEL & MHD Fasteners.
  • Installs Kwik-LokŪ K, KK, KT, KL, KEL & KHD Fasteners.
  • Made from forged steel and nickel plated to resist wear and abuse.
  • Pliers are compatible with all spring-loaded types of sheet metal clamps.
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