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Malin .041 Stainless Steel Safety Wire

by MaLin
Product Description
You are the best at what you do, so itís no wonder why you would want the best quality materials and safety products for your work. AvMRO only sells the highest quality aircraft maintenance repair products which is why we have Malin Co. stainless safety wire available in various diameters. This roll of stainless lockwire manufactured by Malin Co. is made from high quality stainless steel wire (type 302/304). This 1 Lb. roll of stainless lockwire is .041 in diameter and contains 221 feet of stainless steel wire. All safety wire materials offered on AvMRO.com conform to ASTM, MS, and AN specifications. Use this safety wire as an extra precaution to keep vital fasteners from loosening and parts from falling off. Just thread it through the part, twist and fasten it around the first part, then twist and anchor again to a second fastener using safety wire pliers, which you can also find on AvMRO.com. Even the canister that holds the Stainless Lockwire was designed with you and your need for a high quality product in mind. Most standard safety wire canisters are made from paper, but these colorful Lockwire Dispensing Cansisters are made from high density, recyclable polyethylene material that keeps your product free of grease and other elements that can be corrosive to the steel wire inside. Safety wires on AvMRO.com are also available in Inconel, Monel, and Oxidized Inconel. Canisters are color coded to be easily distinguished (Blue -- Stainless Steel, Red -- Monel, Yellow -- Inconel, Orange -- Oxide Inconel)
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