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Met-All TC-20 Aluminum Polish

by Met-All Industries
Product Description
During the life of your plane there is no doubt that you will do a lot of maintenance. And this maintenance will not just be to the engine of your plane, it will also be on the outside of your plane, as well. This isnít just because, letís face it, we are all a little vain with our investments, but also because keeping a clean exterior lowers the possibility of structural damage occurring to your plane. And since you are going to be doing this outside maintenance for the life of your plane, you might as well save some money and buy in bulk, which is why purchasing a Met-All TC-10 Aluminum Polish 32oz. can makes sense.

A 32 oz. can of Met-All TC-10 Aluminum Polish provides the same results as a 16 oz. can, it just lasts you longer. The aircraft metal polish provides a proven deep cleaning formula that removes oxidization and water spots from your aluminum exterior and provides a barrier assuring lasting resistance in just one application. In addition to making your plane look clean and bright, it also makes sure that the oxidization doesnít eat away at your aluminum, causing serious issues in the future.

Directions Apply polish sparingly with a clean soft cloth. Rub until black residue appears on metal surface. Then buff with a clean dry cloth. For best results polish metal regularly.

  • MET-ALL Part Number: TC-20
  • Container Size: 32 Oz.
  • UPC: 0 74353 10132 5
  • Conforms to MIL-P-6888C Type III
  • Made in the USA!
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