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Met-All TC-10 Aluminum Polish

by Met-All Industries
Product Description
An airplane is like a car: you donít just want it working at its maximum potential, you also want it looking good while doing it. While your aircraft likely wonít be judged on its looks in the air, when itís sitting in the hanger or out on the tarmac, turning a few heads isnít exactly the worst thing in the world, right? With that in mind, a Met-All TC-10 Aluminum Polish 16 oz. can is something that you always need to keep on hand with your other aircraft cleaning supplies.

While Met-Allís TC-10 Aluminum Polish can actually be used on hundreds of household items, itís perfect for aluminum aircrafts as itís proven formula deep-cleans to remove oxidation and water spots and provides a barrier assuring lasting resistance in just one application. This not only keeps your plane looking good, but it also relieves the danger that oxidation can cause if it remains untreated. In addition, the aircraft metal polishís special polishing agents restore the original brightness to your metal without scratching or marring.

Directions Apply polish sparingly with a clean soft cloth. Rub until black residue appears on metal surface. Then buff with a clean dry cloth. For best results polish metal regularly.

Alternate Part Numbers
  • Help-10
  • 12345
  • fr5678
  • fo to 60
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