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Aircraft FOR RENT Banners

by DeGroff Aviation Technologies
Aircraft FOR RENT Banners
Part #:5816
Manufacturer:DeGroff Aviation Technologies, LLC
Unit Size:1 Pair
Availability:Ready to Ship in 3 Business Days
Product Description
If you are looking to rent one or more airplanes from your fleet, buy several of these attention-getting For Rent Propeller Mounted Banners. There are two in a pack. The background is red with bold white lettering, and yellow, blue, and white banners streaming down from the main message. The airplane For Rent message is printed on reinforced vinyl. Each Propeller For Rent banner is sized at 28" x 8". Just slide these aircraft For Rent signs in over the propeller. Prospective airplane renters will do a double take, because you canít miss these colorful airplane For Rent banners in passing!
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