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Aircraft Oil

Aviation oil for your aircraft, just a little bit of a boring subject, right? Wrong! Oil literally is the life-blood of your aircraft. We all know you need to use oil to even have your engine function, but did you know oils have various qualities and abilities? AvMRO.com is please to carry only the top of the line quality aircraft lubricants for your fleet or personal aircraft. We sell by the most popular quantities and volumes, either 1 gallon jugs or 12 individual quart cases.

We are currently pleased to offer the economical and best bank for your buck lines of oil that provide the highest level of protection for your engine and against viscosity breakdown. Although not limited to it, our current favorite is the Conoco/Phillips XC line of aviation oil which is an ash free, multi-grade oil for year round usage.

Your aircraft or fleet is a large investment and deserves the highest level of engine protectant to keep you aloft for years to come. Make sure to change your aviation lubricants frequently to extend the life of your aircraft or fleet year round. Feel freer to contact us if you are requesting any specialty use oils, we can get whatever you need.
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