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Aircraft Grease

Ah grease! Good for your aircraft, not so much for your heart! AvMRO.com offers a large line of aircraft grease for all your needed applications. We have wheel bearing grease, multipurpose greases, helicopter grease and more. We have also made it a point to collect a lot of feedback and testimonials from our customers to find what the top rated, best bang for your buck, aviation greases are. We have heard, and experienced ourselves as well, that the best lines right now seem to be Aeroshell and Mobil. We realize everyone has their preferences though and should you find yourself needing a little help in choosing a product line that is appropriate, or obtaining a special order grease, contact us immediately and we’ll help you out. Seriously, we like this stuff and want you to be safe and happy, so call.

Also, a little interesting bit of information. We frequently hear folks asking what the difference between oil and grease and specifically they think oil can be used in place of aircraft grease. That is a big no! Remember, oil is designed to lower friction of sliding parts and grease is to lower friction for parts under pressure. Make sure you make the right choice; your safety is in question!
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