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Aeroshell 7 Advanced Multipurpose Airframe Grease
Aeroshell 7 Advanced Multipurpose Airframe Grease
Product Description
While grease may not be good for the human body, grease is absolutely vital to the health of your aircraft. Without grease your aircraft engine wont work correctly, and without the right kind of grease you may be doing some serious harm to your engine. While the right kind of grease can vary from engine to engine, if you are looking for aircraft grease that is useful when the operating temperature range is between 73C and +149C, AeroShell Grease 7 is what your engine needs.

AeroShell Grease 7 is advanced multi-purpose grease, composed of a synthetic oil thickened with Microgel, possessing good load carrying ability over a wide temperature range. It is inhibited against corrosion and has excellent resistance to water.


AeroShell Grease 7 satisfies nearly all the airframe grease requirements of turbine engined aircraft and also those of piston engine aircraft provided that seal incompatibility does not occur. Most civil aircraft manufacturers approve AeroShell Grease 7 as a general purpose grease either by brand name or by specification. It is recommended for lubricating highly loaded gears, actuator screw mechanisms, etc., also for instrument and general airframe. The aircraft lubricant contains a synthetic ester oil and should not not be used in contact with incompatible seal materials. And while it is a clay-based grease approved to MIL-PRF-23827C Type II, it should not be mixed with soap-based greases approved to MILPRF- 23827C Type I.


  • U.S. Meets: Approved MIL - PRF-23827C (Type II )
  • British: N/A
  • French: Equivalent DCSEA 354/A
  • Russian: N/A
  • NATO Code: G-354
  • Joint Service Designation: N/A
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