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Aeroshell 22 Versatile Multipurpose Grease
Aeroshell 22 Versatile Multipurpose Grease
Product Description
In a perfect world you wouldn’t put your plane in severe operating conditions. Then again, in a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to put up with exorbitant gas prices either, so while you may not want to put your plane in severe operating conditions you also want to make sure that it is ready for them. That’s where AeroShell Grease 22 comes into play. With a useful operating temperature range of –65°C to +204°C, the aircraft grease is perfect for such severe conditions as high bearing loads, high speeds, wide operating temperature range, and just about any other situation where long grease retention and high resistance to water washout are required.

AeroShell Grease 22 is a versatile advanced general purpose grease composed of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil thickened with Microgel. Appropriate additives are included to achieve the necessary oxidation and corrosion resistance, anti-wear properties and load carrying properties. The grease is perfect for aircraft wheel bearings, engine accessories, control systems, actuators, screw-jacks, servo mechanisms and electric motors, helicopter rotor bearings, instruments, airframe lubrication, hinge pins, static joints, landing gears. The aircraft lubricant contains a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and should not be used in contact with incompatible seal materials.


  • U.S. Meets: Approved MIL-PRF-81322F NLGI Grade 2, Approved DOD-G-24508A
  • British: Approved DEF STAN 91-52
  • French: Approved DCSEA 395/A
  • Russian: Analogue of CIATIM 201 and 203, VNII NP 207, ERA (VNII NP 286M)and ST (NK-50)
  • NATO Code: G-395
  • Joint Service Designation: XG-293
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