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AC Tech AC 236 Class B Fuel Tank & Fuselage Sealant - 2 Hour Application Time
AC Tech AC 236 Class B Fuel Tank & Fuselage Sealant - 2 Hour Application Time
Product Description
AC236B-2 AC Tech Fuel Tank & Fuselage Sealant is a two-component, manganese dioxide cured, liquid polysulfide polymer system providing excellent fuel tank and fuselage seals. Application uses include sealing integral fuel tanks, repairing integral fuel tanks and sealing fuselages.
Base - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Mixed - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Accelerator - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Product Specifications
AMS-S-8802 - Qualified
FMS 1049 - Qualified
299-947-074 - Qualified
LES 1039 BU - Qualified
HS 12373 Rev A - Qualified
BS 25146 - Qualified
WL 5.5902 - Meets requirements
DTD 900/6147 - Meets requirements
STRYP 5960 - Meets requirements

Typical Physical and Application Properties

  • Color: Base - White, Accelerator - Black

  • Mix Ratio: 100 base / 10 accelerator (by weight)

  • Nonvolatile Content: 97%

  • Base Viscosity (RVF Brookfield #7 Spindle @ 2rpm, 77 degrees F): 9,000-14,000 poise

  • Accelerator Viscosity (RVF Brookfield #7 Spindle @ 10rpm, 77 degrees F): 700-1600 poise
  • Application Life and Cure Time
    (At 77 degrees F, 50% Relative Humidity)


  • Minimum Application Life*: 1/2 hour

  • Typical Tack-Free Time**: 8 hours

  • Typical Cure Time***: 24 hours
  • B-2

  • Minimum Application Life*: 2 hours

  • Typical Tack-Free Time**: 24 hours

  • Typical Cure Time***: 48 hours
  • B-4

  • Minimum Application Life*: 4 hours

  • Typical Tack-Free Time**: 36 hours

  • Typical Cure Time***: 90 hours
  • *Application Life refers to the length of time that mixed compound remains at a consistency suitable for application with roller or brush. Application life is always measured at a standard temperature of 75 degrees F with a relative humidity level of 50%. In general, for every 20 degrees F rise in temperature, the application life is halved; and for every 20 degree drop, it is doubled. High humidity levels during the mixing process will shorten application life.

    **Tack-free Time is the length of time after which a mixed sealant will no longer tightly adhere to L-LP-690 standard low density polyethylene film.

    ***Cure time is defined as the length of time it takes AC-236 Class B sealant to reach 30A hardness. It depends on three factors: remaining application life, temperature and relative humidity. To a certain extent, the temperature/humidity factors for application life also apply to curing. To accelerate the curing process, apply heat up to (but not more than) 120 degrees F.

    Typical Physical and Performance Properties of Cured Compound After 14 Days at 77 degrees F / 50% Relative Humidity (when tested per AMS-S-8802)

  • Color: Gray

  • Specific Gravity: 1.64

  • Hardness: 60 Shore "A"

  • Low Temperature Flexibility: No cracking, checking or adhesion loss when tested at -65 degrees F (-54 degrees C)

  • Service Temperatures: -65 degrees F to +250 degrees F (-54 degrees C to +121 degrees C)

  • Thermal Rupture Resistance: Does not blister or sponge

  • Corrosion: None

  • Fuel Resistance: 70 days at 140 degrees F, 35 piw/100% cohesive failure

  • Repairability: 40 piw to itself and other AMS-S-8802 qualified sealants

  • Resistance to Other Fluids: No cracking when bent 180 degrees over a 1/8" mandrel. No more than 6% loss of the sealant compound after fluid immersion

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